First Bike Tour: San Juan Islands

The first bike camping trip I went on, I went solo and didn't really know what I was doing. I'd biked before, I'd camped before, I'd gone on probably a 20 mile ride with a loaded bike (not the bike I'd be riding on the trip), but that's it. So I picked somewhere I knew was super friendly to bike tourists, would have a lot of flexibility in terms of riding distance, and gave me options to create a "base camp" and ride an unloaded bike some days. And, of course, somewhere I knew would be beautiful! I planned on visiting some friends in Seattle, so decided on exploring the San Juan Islands by bike during the week, while my friends were working. 

Ferries & Bikes: a perfect match!

From Seattle, you can take the Clipper Ferry from downtown Seattle to San Juan Island. You can bring your bike on board for a fee, thoughI decided to rent a bike once in San Juan since this bike trip was only 4 days and part of a longer trip, it made most sense logistically and cost wise just to rent a bike for the days I was riding. 

I rented a road bike from Island Bicycles on San Juan Island and then used the Washington State Ferries to travel between the islands. 

Lopez Island


Spencer Spit State Park


San Juan Island